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You Won’t Believe How Many Confirmed Victims He Has

Luis Alfredo Garavito Cubillos is resident of Colombia. Garavito was born on 25 January 1957 in Génova, Quindío, Colombia, and he is the oldest brothers from seven. He was physically and mentally abused by his father. He also described, he being a victim of sexual abuse when he was young.
Garavito The Beast
A Columbian rapist and child serial killer Garavito also known as “The Beast”. In 1999 Garavito has admitted that, he rape, torture and murdered of 147 young boys, among them 138 was confirmed. On based on skeleton found from location he could exceed number of 300. “The world’s worst serial killer” he got name from local media, because of the large number of victims.
Garavito’s most of the victims are age between 8 to 16 who were poor children, peasant children or street children. He approaches to them on the street or in the countryside and offered them some kind of gifts or small amount of money. When he gain trust from children, he took the children for a walk and when children got tired, he would molest them, torture them and rape them, and there after he cut their throats and dismembered their bodies.

On 22 April 1999, Garavito was captured by local police. He confessed to murdering around 140 children. He was charged for killing 172 all together throughout columbia, but he was found guilty on 139 from 172 counts. Garavito was imprisonment for 40 years, but because he helped police to find some bodies, as well as to his confessions, his sentence was reduced to 22 years. Now he is in prison, but because of his good behaviour maybe he qualify for earlier release.

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