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Vote your Favorite Anime

Let’s see which anime got more votes, and favorite in anime fans. Choose any one from below this five anime.

1. Dragon Ball Z

Dragon Ball Z is the most popular in our generations. Dragon Ball Z fan is not only from Japan, USA and India but all around the world as well. If you’ll check in Wikipedia you’ll realize Dragon Ball Z dubbed in How Many Languages?

2. One Piece

Because of its Unique story One Piece is the best anime, and many people love unique Character as well. The Combination of epic scenes, background and character one piece got good place in all anime lovers heart.

3. Naruto

Naruto got good fame because of a good storyline, good fights, some funny scenes, characters and many more. Some people says Naruto is different anime than all other anime series. Naruto follows the story of a ninja named Naruto.

4. Death Note

The story of the series follows its main character Light Yagami, who is high scholl student. Light Yagami descover a notebook, who has supernatural ability to kill anyone whose name and face he know. The main series centers around Light’s dream to rule the world as a “God” using notebook, and the detective known “L” to stop him.

5. Fairy Tail


Image Credit : myanimelist.net

Fairy Tail is follows story of Lucy, who is a teenage wizard. Lucy joins the popular wizards guild and he start searching for Dragon Igneel.

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