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Unsolved Mystery – Lady of the Dunes

Unsolved Mystery – Lady of the Dunes


Different sketches of Lady of the Dunes

Lady of the Dunes is the name given to an unidentified woman whose body was found in Provincetown, Barnstable County, Massachusetts. She is thought to be 25-49 years old.
The body of this lady was discovered by Sandra Lee on July 26 1974who later became a crime author. The body was discovered meters away from the road. The body was decapitated and teeth were removed by the killer may be in an attempt to hide his crime.
Thousands of missing victims were searched but no match was found. In many cases it was thought police was close to match the victim but her identity never matched with anyone.

Several serial killers were also thought to have killed this victim even a serial killer confessed to this murder but later it was found that the killer was a chronic liar.
The lady is still unidentified.

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