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Top 5 Salman Khan Controversies

Top 5 Salman Khan Controversies

5. Relationship with Aishwariya Rai
Salman Khan was in a relationship with Aishwarya. After their break up in 2002 Salman Khan still didn’t stop pursuing her. Her family members lodged a complaint against him. However they finally break up for good.

4. Phone call in relation to underworld
There was one phone call recorded by Mumbai police in which Salman Khan was threatening AIshwariya Rai by saying he has connections with underworld and wanted her to come at events held by gangsters.
However the tape was later tested in forensic lab and was found to be fake.

3. Remarks about 26/11
In an interview to a Pakistani channel Salman Khan said 26/11 received a lot of attention because five star hotels were targeted and why people didn’t act when there were attacks before and Pakistan was not to be nlamed because Indian security forces failed. His comments were criticized by many political parties. He later apologized for his comments.

2. Black Buck Hunting Case
Salman Khan was sentenced to one year jail term for hunting Chinkara which is an endangered species.
He also had licensed expired of the arms he carried during hunting another case of him carrying illegal arms for hunting is also registered against him.
Charges against him are finalized by Rajasthan court and the case is still pending in Rajasthan court.

1. Hit and Run Case
Salman Khan was arrested for drunk driving in 2002 in which he killed a homeless man sleeping road by his car. The prime witness Rabindra Patil died under mysterious circumstances which also raised many questions. He is found guilty of charges in May 2015 however he got bail and the final verdict is in July.

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