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Top 5 Aamir Khan Controversies

Top 5 Aamir Khan Controversies

5. Calling his dog Shahrukh

Aamir Khan angered SRK fans when said he has named his dog Shahrukh.

4. Narmada Dam Rehabilitation Comments

His comments over Narmada Dam Rehabilitation caused a controversy and also affected box office collection of his movie Fanaa

3. PK poster
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There was a huge controversy when Aamir posed nude for his movie poster PK. There was a case registered against him.

2. Jessica Hines Affair

It was one of the most shocking controversies that Aamir Khan fathered a child with English Journalist Jessica Hines.

1. Extra Marital Affairs Rumors

Aamir was linked to some of his heroines and was also linked to Kiran Rao and the controversy became true when he divorced his first wife to marry Kiran Rao.

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