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Top 10 UFO Mysteries

Top 10 UFO mysteries
Many times many UFOs have been seen throughout the world. But some of these incidences of UFO sightings had more witnesses and closer encounters. Here is the list of top 10 UFOs sightings.

10. Pyramids
The Pyramids in Egypt are ancient alien mystery as many people think that during that period humans were not technically advanced to create those pyramids. Directions and the angles in which it is made is thought to be involved by the aliens.

9. Crop Circles
Crop Circles
Crop circles have been seen in many parts of the world however only 80% of them have been proven to be created by humans. The possible explanation is magnetism of some crops some changes in electric field causes the crops to flatten.

8. Miracle of the sun
Miracle of the sun
Miracle of the sun was an event which occurred in 1917 in which many people have said to seen extraordinary solar activity in Fatima, Portugal. Thousands of people have seen this event. This incident is also thought to be a miracle.

7. Ariel UFO incident
This incident occurred in Zimbabwe in 1994 when 62 school children said that a flying object landed on school ground. The children also saw a small man which was one meter tall who later disappeared with the UFO.

6. Copely Woods Encounter
Hundreds of basketball sized lights were observed in a neighborhood of Indianapolis, Indiana. They also left behind in some marks. The incident is thought to be a 4 in Hynek scale.

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