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Top 10 UFO Mysteries Page 2

Top 10 UFO mysteries
5. Maury Island incident
Maury Island incident occurred when two men saw donuts shaped objects flying over the sky. It was much popularized however later it was ruled out as hoax.

4. Kecksburg UFO incident
Kecksburg UFO incident
A large fireball was seen in six states of USA and one state of Canada. It was thought to be a meteor. A model was later made and is placed near Kecksburg Fire Station.

3. UFO-Memorial Ängelholm
UFO-Memorial Ängelholm
UFO-Memorial Ängelholm is shrine made after a ufo incident in Sweden. It was thought to land in a suburb of Ängelholm.

2. Nazca Lines
Nazca Lines
Nazca Lines are series of geoglyphs located in Nazca desert of Peru. The lines are thought by drawn by guidance of aliens.

1. WOW signal
WOW signal
WoW signal isn’t any UFO but it was a strong narrowband signal detected in 1977 it lasted for 72 seconds. The signal has not been detected again after that. From what object did it came is not yet determined.

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