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Top 10 similarities in Goku and Naruto

Top 10 similarities in Goku and Naruto

There are many similarities in Dragon Ball Z and Naruto. However we have created the list of similarities between Goku and Naruto.
10. Rivals
Goku and Naruto both have rivals who later became friends. Goku has vegeta as a rival and Naruto has Sasuke as a rival.

9. Pervert Masters
Goku and Naruto both have been trained by masters who are big perverts. Both Master Roshi and Jiraiya are pervert masters.

8. They both saved their lovers
Goku saved Chichi from trouble and Naruto also saved Hinata from trouble. They both later married and both have two kids.

7. Both have Heroic Father
Goku’s Father died fighting for the saiyan race and Naruto’s father died fighting the nine tails and sealing 9 tails beast in Naruto’s body.

6. Powering up style
Goku’s powering up style in super saiyan emits yellow aura and Naruto’s chakra mode also produces a yellow aura.

5. Eating Habits
Both Naruto and Goku are food hungry. Goku and Naruto always eat more food than other people in the series.

4. Both have been raised by Foster parent
Goku’s and Naruto’s parents died when they were new born baby and both have been raised by foster parent. Goku has been raised by Grandpa Gohan and Naruto was raised by Hiruzen Sarutob.

3. Both can transform into monsters
Both Goku and Naruto can transform in monsters. Goku can transform in Great Ape and Naruto can transform in nine tails monster.

2. Both parents have been killed
Goku’s and Naruto’s both parents were killed. Their parents were killed in fighting for the sake of their people.

1. Appearance
Both Goku’s and Naruto’s appearance is strikingly similar. Both have orange cloths with blue patterns. Naruto looks similar to Goku’s super saiyan form both have blonde hair and blue eyes.

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