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Top 10 Richest Football Teams

Top 10 Richest Football Teams.


10. AC Milan

AC Milan
At number 10 is AC Milan with net worth $775 million.

9. Juventus

At number 9 is Juventus with net worth $837 million.

8. Liverpool

At number 8 is Liverpool with net worth $982 million.

7. Arsenal

At number 7 is Arsenal with net worth $1.30 billion.

6. Chelsea

At number 6 is Chelsea with net worth $1.36 billion.

5. Manchester City

manchester city
At number 5 is Manchester City with net worth $1.37 billion.

4. FC Bayern Munich

At number 4 is FC Bayern Munich with net worth $2.34 billion.

3. Manchester United

At number 3 is Manchester United with net worth $3.10 billion.

2. FC Barcelona

FC Barcelona
At number 2 is FC Barcelona with net worth $3.17 billion.

1. Real Madrid

At number 1 is Real Madrid with net worth $3.26 billion.

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