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Top 10 most downloaded android games Page 2

  1. Subway Surfers


The game released by the Kilo game developing company released the game in 2012.

It also got popular soon it involves running on railway tracks while a police officer and a dog continue to chase the main character for spray painting a train cart. The game ends when the player hits barrier or gets hit by the train.

  1. Temple Run 2


Yes the sequence of the Temple run is also the most downloaded game at no.4.

It was initially released in January 2013 both on Android and Apple Ios.

But for temple run 2 different characters are available to play including the fastest running men Usian Bolt.

  1. Temple run


You all must have seen people playing temple run on their phone some or the other time.

The endless running game is most downloaded endless running game.

The main character has to run from demonic creatures and while running he must avoid barriers.

There are also many power ups to run faster and protect from barrier.

Player’s game ends when he either falls, hits the barrier or eaten by demonic creatures.

  1. Fruit ninja


Alright we all must have downloaded this game when we have bought our new android phone.

This game is the second most downloaded game on android platform.

In this game we have to cut different fruits ranging from orange, banana, watermelon etc. while avoiding the bombs.

  1. Angry Birds


The famous puzzle game initially released on Apple Ios in 2009 and later released on android os in 2010 is the most downloaded app from the Playstore. The gameplay consists of different species of birds trying to get back their eggs from the green pigs who steal those eggs.

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