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Top 10 Most adventurous places in the world – Have you visited any? 2

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Hang gliding from atop Pedra Bonita for a soft landing on São Conrado Beach brings two landscapes together in a matter of minutes. While you are in the air, Sugarloaf Mountain looms within reach, and Corcovado Mountain is in sight, with the iconic Christ the Redeemer statue.

Isle of Bute, Scotland
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Take a hop, skip, and 90-minute jump from Glasgow to the heathered moors to the north. They offer rugged beauty, while the sandy beaches in Roth say and the manicured gardens of Mount Stuart offer a completely different experience.

Aeolian Islands, Italy
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Sailing through this chain of volcanic islands off the north coast of Sicily can be intoxicating. Pass by the largest island—Lipari—with its crumbling fortress, watch the sulfuric steam rising from the active craters of Stromboli and Volcano, stare into the deep waters off the cliffs of Stromboli, or explore black-sand beaches.

Kruger National Park, South Africa
Not everyone gets a chance to witness the cycle of life from its unmerciful, violent side to its most breathtaking. Commune with majestic water buffalo, catch a glimpse of the menacing gaze of a hyena, and gain a deeper understanding of the roles everyone plays in this cradle of mankind—from termites to vultures.

Queenstown, New Zealand
Pick an extreme sport and imagine doing it on snow-capped mountains, in extreme weather, or with river spray in your face. You are likely to find all of those options on the South Island of New Zealand. Just about anything goes, from heli-skiing to careening at high speeds near the rocky edge of a river in a jet boat to bungee jumping—in fact, bungee jumping was developed in Queenstown; the first trusting souls threw themselves off the town’s Kawarau Bridge in 1988.
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