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Top 10 haunted places in India

There are many haunted places in India however here is the list of top 10 haunted places in India

10. Vrindavan society, Thane

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Vrindavan society is located in Thane. Many people experienced paranormal activities after a middle aged man committed suicide by jumping off from balcony of building no 66B. After this incident this place has become a haunted in a populated city like Thane.

9. Ramoji Film City, Hyderabad

The famous Ramoji Film City where many movies are shot is also said to be haunted. It is said that the Film City was built on the land of Nizam Sultans that why it is said to be haunted.

8. Grand Paradi Towers, Mumbai

Grand Paradi Towers are located at Malabar Hill Mumbai one of the most luxurious place in Mumbai.
However it has received attention for 20 suicides which took place in the apartments since it was built.
It is one of the luxurious haunted places in India.

7. Agrasen ki Baoli, Delhi

This place is located in Delhi. It is kind of temple water reservoir however after it lost its glory many people have experienced paranormal activities in it. People feel that the Baoli’s water is haunted and calls people to jump in it.

6. D’Souza Chawl, Mahim

DSouza Chawl 2
Located in Mumbai this chawl is said to be haunted by the ghost of a lady who died while drowning water from the well. Her ghost has been seen by local people to roam around the well.

5. National Library, Kolkata

National Library was home to former lieutenant of Bengal. His wife’s footsteps are heard many times. There was another incident during the renovation work twelve workers died. Many people have seen scary images in the library.

4. Dumas Beach, Gujarat

This beach is the cremation site for Hindus many people believe that the ghost of people who didn’t get moksha roam on the beach after sunset.

3. Taj Mahal Hotel, Mumbai

The world famous luxurious 5 star hotel in Mumbai is said to be haunted because the hotel was not built as per the architect’s wish after the hotel was built the architect was shocked that the hotel was not built as per his wish therefore he couldn’t bear the shock and committed suicide in the hotel.

2. Shaniwarwada, Pune

A prince was betrayed and killed by his own people. The prince’s uncle’s wife was jealous and wanted to be the queen she planned a conspiracy to kill the prince and when the people came to kill the prince the prince shouted ‘Uncle save me’. During a full many people have heard the sound ‘Uncle save me’.

1. Bhangarh Fort, Rajashtan

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There is story that a tantrik who practiced black magic was in love with princess and he wanted to get her by black magic however the plan backfired and he died before dying he said everyone who lives in fort shall die. Many people have experienced paranormal activities in this fort.

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