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Top 10 Creepy Unsolved Disappearances Mystery

Top 10 Creepy Unsolved Disappearances Mystery.
There are many people who disappeared mysteriously. Except the disappearances of this people there are strange circumstances in which they disappeared. Here is the list of top 10 unsolved disappearances.

10. Cynthia Anderson

Cynthia Anderson
Cynthia Anderson disappeared in 1981. Before she disappeared witnesses say she received a phone call from an unidentified person and she was scared after the call. She afterwards vanished from her office.

9. Wallace Fard Muhammad

Wallace Fard Muhammad
Wallace Fard Muhammad the founder of nation of Islam disappeared mysteriously in 1934. No one was able to find what happened to him or where Wallace Fard Muhammad went.

8. Amy Bradley

Amy Bradley
Amy Bradley went missing from a Caribbean cruise in 1998. Police investigators think she might have drowned in the sea. Other reports say she was sold in sexual slavery. What happened to her is still unknown.

7. Zebb Quinn

Zebb Quinn
Zebb Quinn disappeared on 2nd January 2000. Two days after he was missing a phone call was received at Walmart saying he is ill and won’t be able to come to work. However it was later found it was his friend and this friend said he was doing a favor for Zebb Quinn.

6. Maura Murray

Maura Murray
In February 2004 Maura Murray crashed her car in Haverhill, Hampshire. Police believe that she wanted to disappear herself. Police tried to search her but didn’t find any success.

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