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Top 10 Creepy Unsolved Disappearances Mystery Page 2

5. Teresa Butler

Teresa Butler
Teresa Butler disappeared from her home on January 25th 2006. Her two kids were left unharmed at home. Some items were taken away from house however her wedding ring was left. Two phone calls were also received from her phone but happened to her is still unknown.

4. Mary Shotwell Little

2015-07-22 20_06_39-Mary Shotwell Little - Google Search
Mary Shotwell Little who was married just for six week disappeared in 1965 in Atlanta. She had a meal with her friend and later she headed for her car but what happened later is a mystery.

3. Diane Augat

diane Augat
Diane Augat disappeared from Odessa, Florida on 11th April 1998. On 13th April her mother got a phone from her on the phone Diane Augat was talking in struggling voice and voice of other person was also heard from behind. That was the last time she contacted anyone.

2. Rebecca Coriam

Rebecca Coriam
Rebecca Coriam disappeared on 22 March 2011 from Disney cruise ship. She was last seen talking on phone in the ship’s surveillance camera. She was searched in much international water but nothing was found. No one what happened to her on ship.

1. Tara Calico

Tara Calico
Tara Calico disappeared from Belen, New Mexico in 1989. In June 1989 a Polaroid photo of her with other boy was found. Police tried to investigate the matter but failed to find any trace of Tara Calico.

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