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top 10 common lies of girls

Everyone lies but there are some common lies women say.
Here is the list of top 10 common lies women say.

  1. I’m fine


This is the most common lie a girl says when she is upset or something in her life is not going good.

Sometimes she might also be under stress but when you ask a girl how she is she would usually reply “I’m Fine”

  1. How do I look? Tell me the truth I won’t be upset


Most dangerous lie and the most worrying question to which many men think what to say and what not to say.

If you say the truth she’s going to get mad and even if you don’t say the truth she’s still going to get mad.

You are checkmated by this question.

  1. Money doesn’t matter


Alright you have seen many girls saying that how much money her men makes really doesn’t matter then it’s a huge lie.

It doesn’t mean that every woman is gold digger but think the other way if you would have been a woman would you like to be with a man who doesn’t earn money?

Women want a man who can earn a decent amount of money so as to at least cover their monthly family expenses and save some money after including the expenses.

  1. I like someone else and I like you as a friend


This is a lie a girl says when she doesn’t want to directly reject you instead she want to say that she likes someone else so that you won’t feel that bad but sometimes the someone she likes really doesn’t exists!

  1. It’s ok if you look at other girls

horny man in restaurant

It is one of the biggest lie of all time. Girls would say that it really doesn’t matter if you look at other girls.

However it really does matter. Would you take it if your girl’s staring other men’s crotch? No right.

Similarly girls also don’t like when their man stares other women they get jealous over these things.

  1. It’s ok I forgive you


Girls will forgive their man for silly or weird things which they have done in a while to them and have hurt them badly. But woman really doesn’t forget the things which have done to them.

They can forgive but then cannot forget.

  1. I will be ready in a minute


You have been hearing this words from last 2-3 that I would be ready in a minute.

Women take much time on how they look they have to make sure that they look the best when dres up for a date or dinner.

It’s usually calculated as women saying I will be ready in one minute equals to men saying I will be there in a minute.

  1. Looks doesn’t matter


Looks really doesn’t matter to woman as much as man. For looks really matters.

Looks do matter women would like a guy who looks good. The other part is women would still prefer a man who doesn’t look good but still he has good sense of style and knows to carry himself then woman would choose him instead of a guy is not good looking and having no sense of style.

  1. Faking orgasm

maxresdefault (1)

Many women fake orgasm just to keep their man happy.

Women sometimes really don’t reach orgasm but still they fake it so that their man won’t feel bad.

  1. Yes you can hang out with your guy friends

2015-03-27 23_17_15-hangoutallthetime

Girl would say that you can hang out with your friends however what she really wants is that she also wants to come with you for the hangout or she wants you to say with her instead of going out with other guy friends.

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