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Top 10 best selling Gaming consoles of all time

There are many gaming systems which released each year however there are some gaming systems which have sold more copies then the other. Here is the list of top 10 best selling gaming console of all time.

10. Nintendo Entertainment System

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Since its release in 1983 Nintendo Entertainment System sold 61.91 million+ consoles worldwide.

9. Game Boy Advance

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Since its release in 2001 Game Boy Advance sold 81.51 million+ consoles worldwide.

8. PlayStation Portable

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Since its release in 2004 PlayStation Portable sold 82 million+ consoles worldwide.

7. PlayStation 3


Since its release in 2006 PlayStation 3 sold 83.80million+ consoles worldwide.

6. Xbox 360


Since its release in 2005 Xbox 360 sold 84 million+ consoles worldwide.

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