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Top 10 adventures

Welcome to Top 10 list. This is Top 10 adventure sports list.

No. 10 Para-Gliding
Para Gliding is good adventure experience in life. Para gliders are free flying, light weight glider aircraft which is launched by foot. The fabric has no definite structure and is shaped by its suspension lines. It’s aerodynamic structure helps navigating the pressure of the air and the wind forces, above the fabric lines and can last up to 1-2 hours and the pilot can have a fall and dip in height depending on the exploitation of the lift. Paragliding involves a little of technical know-how’s on its launching and landing, with the underline guideline being, the wind should inflate the fabric, for one to start flying.

No. 9 Bungee Jumping
Bungee jumping an elastic rope is suspended around a person with a body harness who is then made to jump from a very high platform mostly an unmovable object like a building, bridge or a natural rock structure. Sometimes one can jump from even movable objects like a helicopter or a hot air balloon, which can hover around with you at the same time. It’s thrilling and exciting as you have free fall of several meters and then rebound. When the cord falls along with the person, you fall unattended for seconds and then the cord recoils and you oscillate up and down until all the energy in it is dissipated.

No. 8 Canoeing & Kayaking
Known as paddling, these two differ only in terms of sitting position of the paddler and the number of blades on the paddle. It is a boat where the paddler sits facing the front along with the legs facing in front as well, where one has to wade through the water using double paddling. Kayaking and canoeing vary in their medium of ports depending on their design, material and where it is done. The best is whitewater kayaking, where the boat has to be taken down via extreme currents in rivers, weirs and waterfalls. Some kayaking even takes place within caves and narrowing river mouths.

No. 7 Glacier Climbing
his is one of the most exciting yet challengingly dangerous sport. It requires you to be in good health, fitness and an aware state of mind. It requires you to know the basic nuances of ice axes, harnesses and safety ropes. Also the nature of ice as it changes with the change in temperature with the descent of the sun. It is advisable to know the basics of glacier climbing with a guide, like refreezing and ice skits, before you venture into this sport.

No. 6 Dirt Biking
With its rugged construction and small body which is lightweight, powerful, nimble and fast, it provides the most rewarding ways to explore the terrains and enjoy the open air. These bikes are built with suspension forks and rear shocks to absorb impact from both obstructions and places requiring large jumps, with high ground clearance. Run through rock terrains and mountainous regions, as you fly across the obstructions. Do not try it if you haven’t trained yourself long enough.

No. 5 Skiing
Skiing has not only become a sport but also a world championship event in the world today. The sport requires for the person to slide over the top of snow using skiing boots to long runners. The balance of the body is supported by the long runners. Some skiing activities also include a fixed-heel bindings and free-heel bindings, depending upon the area and climatic conditions.

No. 4 Kite Wing
Kite wing is a sail designed to use wind power, which is wing shaped and provides the necessary speed to lift riders over varying surfaces like ice, water, snow, asphalt, packed sand, grass etc. Kite wing is held directly with the user and provides greater stability and power in hands of the rider. This makes the ride more comfortable and suited to our capabilities and willingness to take risk. Given wind conditions, a Kite winger can reach a speed up to 90km/hr. Safety measures with respect to fall, should be taken like pads and safety leashes.

No. 3 Bobsledding
This game just chanced as a sport, while a group of adventurers where fooling around on the skiing fields. Now with a championship to its name, it is definite for an adrenaline rush. Bobsledding is a sport of sliding down an ice covered natural or artificial incline on a four runner sled called the bobsleigh. Bobsled drivers plummet down a hill on a track mostly covered with snow, that’s full of twists and turns. It doesn’t have any functional controls, except to maneuver the whole sleigh

No. 2 Scuba Diving
It’s deep water diving and doesn’t really require you to know swimming. However, it’s mandatory for you to take up a course and be familiar with its regulations with a guide, before you go for Scuba diving. This underwater diving is like washing yourself in true wonder. As you sail across live corals and beautiful harmless fish, going inside underwater caves and home of millions of fish, this sport is a wonder in itself. The driver uses a self contained underwater breathing apparatus to breathe underwater and fins to propel the movements.

No. 1 Zorbing
Zorbing is the most amazing and heart throbbing experience and can be enjoyed with much to-do, needless to point out one of the wackiest which is even safe if carried out under proper surface tension areas. Zorbing offers you an experience of rolling downhill inside an inflatable ball. Different orbs have different slope requirements which can vary in time and intensity. They are lightweight and made of shock absorbent material, protecting you while you enjoy the virtual yet the real bumpy ride of your life. The best place to enjoy Zorbing is in New Zealand.

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