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The Most Expensive Car in The World

Most Costliest car in The World

Maybach Exelero
The legendary car “Maybach Exelero” costs around US $8 million.

The Maybach Exelero built in 2004, It’s a high-performance unique sports car. It was built by Maybach-Motorenbau Gmbh on the request of Fulda tyres, the German division of Goodyear. The four-seater car with twin turbo V12 engine, 700hp (522 kW) is a one-off design. This car is used as a reference vehicle to test a new generation of wide tires by Fulda. The model created by The German luxury car manufacturer as a modern interpretation of its legendary streamlined sports car from the 1930s. The car is so famous and it is been used in “Cobra 11” (the long-running German show) for the ending chase of the episode “Freundschaft”. Maybach Exelero achieves a maximum speed of over 350 km/h, and an unladen weight of over 2.66 tons. Car achieves the speed from 0-62 MPHs in 4.4 second.

The vehicle was purchased by rapper “Birdman” in 2011 for US $8 million, According to “Top Gear”. Motorvision profiled the car, in January 2012, which was then owned by Mechatronik and located in Germany. The reports of previos rumors of sale to be unfounded.

Jay-Z featured the car in the music video for “Lost One”.

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