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The Chair of Death Unsolved Mystery

Busby Thomas was a stripper in England who was convicted of killing his father in law over an argument of him sitting on his chair. He was convicted in 1702 and before taking to the gallows he cursed the chair that anyone who sits on his chair will die.

Busby Chair

The chair was kept in the pub for a while but many people who sat on the chair died.

So the owner decided to keep the chain in the basement however one person without knowing the truth of the chair sat on the chair and he died in an accident after few hours.

During the Second World War anyone who sat on the chair and went for the war never returned.

Many more cases of accidental deaths were reported by sitting on the chair in the 1960s and 70s.

A final decision was taken to hang up the chair so no one would be able to sit on that chair.

In 1972 the chair was hanged up to ceiling so anyone can’t sit on that chair.

The chair is still present at the Thirsk Museum.

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