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Mystery of the Mothman

Mystery of the Mothman
Mothman is a mysterious creature which was spotted in Point Pleasant area of West Virginia. If you like our this post please like our Facebook Page for more interesting post like this in Future.

The creature was spotted in between the years 1966-67.
A couple also reported a large creature with red glowing eyes on their car. Many mnore reports of sightings of Mothman were noted during this period. It is thought that more than hundred people saw the Mothman but were too scared to report it.


Statue of Mothman in Point Pleasant

On December 15 1967 the silver bridge collapsed the collapsing of the bridge was connected with Mothman.

Many Ufologist and paranormal authors believe it may have been an alien.
The scientific explanation for the Mothman may be the sandhill crane. This is largest crane and has wingspan up to 7 feet and the red eye effect may have been produced by flashing of light in eyes of birds like barred owl.


Computer Generated description of Mothman

It is still not confirmed whether the Mothman existed or not. The Mothman has been the subject of the 2002 movie Mothman Prophecies.
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