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Mystery of the Green Man

Mystery of the Green Man
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There was a famous urban legend in Pennsylvania that was surrounded by the fact that a green colored man roamed the streets of Pennsylvania at night.

However these rumors were true there was a man named Raymond Robinson (1910-1985) who lived in Pennsylvania. He survived a severe electric accident in his childhood. He survived but he was left disfigured he lost his eyes, nose, one ear and one arm.

He rarely stepped out in day as his appearance may cause panic therefore he went out for walk at night. His body was so badly shocked that the wounds which were not properly healed appeared green in color which leads to the name Green Man.

The urban legend said he was a ghost but he was a normal man with severe deformities. He would sometimes talk with his neighbors. He stopped walking on roads in last years of his life. He died at Beaver County Geriatric Center at the age of 74 in 1985.
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