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Man with two faces

Man with two faces


There was a man named Edward Mordake with two faces he had an extra face behind his head.

However the face was able to smile.

This person asked doctor to remove his second face as it smiled when he cried.

The other face had moving lips however it was not audible what it said.

However during that time no doctor was able to attempt that operation.

His name was included in 1896 encyclopedia his condition was described in that encyclopedia.

However none of his photo was taken as he lived before the evention of camera.

Now it is considered that the guy would have been a case of extreme form of parasitic twin.

It is hypnotized that it was due a parasitic twin with a face but undeveloped body.

However this person committed suicide at the age of 23.

He wanted to remove his face before being buried as he worried that other face might still continue to whisper in his grave.

He is mentioned in series American Horror Story: Freak Show.

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