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Jay Z & Beyonce going for split?

Jay Z & Beyonce going for split?

There are many rumors going on Jay Z & Beyonce separation.
All this started when Beyonce’s sister Solange Knowles started hiting Jay Z in a hotel elevator and one hotel employee leaked this video. Beyonce was also present in the elevator however didn’t react at all when Solange started hitting Jay Z. She later said in an interview that every family has problem and she now has good relations with Jay Z. However many reports say that it is because Jay Z was getting close to Rachal Roy.

Recently they have been seen together and everything seemed to fine.

The latest news was Beyonce was searching a new house without Jay Z many reports are saying that Beyonce and Jay Z are going for separation in September and Beyonce is searching a new house for her herself and her daughter Ivy.

All Jay Z and Beyonce fans are praying that they should not separate. In the next few months we will know all the reports are rumors or true.

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