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India’s Temple who teaches Sex

Temple who teaches you Sex in India

Temple 1

India is an extremely conservative country and its home to the world’s first sex treatise and the erotic art on display. This temple is perhaps more shocking now than when it was created. India is a particularly conservative country in the world and for the last few hundred years, influenced by the puritanism of several groups, which includes Islamic dynasties, British overlords and the country’s own Brahmin priestly caste.

Temple 4

But in past India was not always like this. Sexual norms were far more liberal before the 13th Century. People giving equal importance to the secular and the spiritual. Sex was taught as a subject in formal education. We also don’t forget, Kamasutra the world’s first sex treatise, was written in ancient India.

Temple 3

If you look more closely the reminders of these more liberal times can be seen across the country. Some are carved in stone in the form of erotic motifs (For Example: Sun Temple in Konark) and some prominent in the paintings and in the sculptural form (For Example: Ajanta Caves and Ellora in Maharashtra).

Temple 2

However, the best preserved and most graphic example of erotic temple art can be found in the small temple of Khajuraho in the central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh. Hinduism has traditionally considered sex an essential part of life, which could be why the carvings are casually interspersed between others that portray activities as varied as prayer and war.

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