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Haunted places – Manila film center

Haunted places – Manila film center

Manila film center is a building located in Pasay City, Manila, Philippines.

During its construction in 1981 there was an accident. A part of it collapsed and at least 169 workers fell and were buried in quick drying cement. Immediate action was but no rescue or medicinal team was allowed to enter the building. 9 hours after the accident rescuers were allowed to go in the building.

After that incident it is believed that Manila film center is haunted as the rescue work started 9 hours after the accident some of the workers were buried alive and were left in the walls of film center.

However later a documentary concluded that out of 169 workers almost a dozen of people died. It also said that the bodies were removed and given proper burial and none of the body is left in the concrete walls.

It is still disputed and the Manila film center is still considered as one of the most haunted places in the world.

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