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Haunted Places – Bhangarh Fort

Haunted Places – Bhangarh Fort


Bhangarh Fort is well known haunted place in India. Many people have experienced paranormal activities in the fort and people are not allowed to enter the fort at night

In the 16th century there was a Tantrik( A person who practices Black Magic). He was in one sided love with the princess of the Bhangar fort. He wanted to get her with his black magic tricks.


Once the Tantrik saw maid of the princess in the market as he was preparing the black magic oil and he gave the oil to the maid and told her to give it to princess however the maid already saw the tantric use his magic on the oil so she poured the oil on the road and it was converted to a boulder which eventually crushed the Tantrik before dying he cursed that everyone in the fort shall die.

A year later all the people in fort were killed by enemy.

A paranormal team also went to investigate the fort but they also experienced some paranormal activity.
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