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Haunted Objects – Palau Ubin Barbie

Haunted Objects – Palau Ubin Barbie
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In 1914 a German couple was investigated by the British army as possible spies. The couple was caught however their daughter managed to escape. However she fell off a cliff and did not survived.
The locals created a monument to honor her memory in Pulau Ubin. The porcelain altar contains girl’s hair and personalized crucifix.

After the monument was built a man from the same area got a dream that a girl leads him to a toy store and points to a Barbie doll she wants. He got the same dream for three days. He later went to a toy shop and was shocked to know that the Barbie doll was placed at the same shop which he saw in his dreams.

He purchased the doll and kept it in the shrine of the girl after placing the doll in the shrine he felt the girl’s spirit is finally transferred to the doll and finally rested in peace.

Locals and tourists from all around the world visit the doll in hopes that the spirit of the girl will grant them health and fortune.

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