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Ghost on Horseback Captured in Graveyard

Ghost Riding a Horse
Where you see ghost most of the time? In a Graveyard. Yes Of Course in a graveyard. But have you ever heard about ghosts riding horses. On New year’s Day at Weedon Bec cementery in Daventry, Northamptonshire an amateur photographer Richard Durham captured a specter on horseback in a snap.

Mr.Durhan the 45 years old Gardner was testing out his new camera (Nikon D5300) at about 9am, when he took the picture of which appears to be a ghostly figure later. He posted the image on Facebook there a friend (Heather Burton) of Mr. Durham saw the image and pointed out the ghost rider to him. Mr. Durham couldn’t believe he missed the ghost rider first time.

Mr. Durham is a volunteer fundraiser for the local air ambulance. After this Mr. Durham said “I do believe in ghosts but never thought I would ever capture one”. He said “All I’m going to do was trying to capture a few nice weather shots on frosty and misty morning” Later he heard from locals the pub down road is haunted by a horseman. Apparently the ghost used to be walk from the main church though the graveyard, so maybe this is him.

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Image Courtesy – Yahoo.com

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