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Far Cry 4 PC Review in Short

Far Cry 4 PC Review in Short
Far Cry 4 WP
Far cry series is famous and many people love this series, in far cry series, far cry 3 and far cry 4 get good attention of gamers of the world. Far cry 4: full story of Himalayan region. Main character is Ajay Ghale. Ajay Ghale is citizen of USA, and he travel to Kyrat, to fulfil of her mother’s dying wish. When Ajay Ghale reach Kyrat, and he fall in Kyrat’s civil war. Now you’re main character and you have to complete all story missions and in end you have to kill Pagan Min (Story Villain and King). There are 2 teams fighting each other The Golden Path (Founded Ajay Ghale’s father) and The Royal Army (Pagan Min’s Army). Ajay Ghale’s father is dead and The Golden Path has 2 members Amita and Sabal. When you captured by Pagan Min in start, Sabal saves you from Pagan Min. In this story mission you’ll visit and experience many un-experienced things in Kyrat. In story mission you’ll visit Sangari-la,
Himalayas and many beautiful places.
You can able to ride elephant and
gyro copter which is cool.

Many sub missions are cool. In between storyline you get 2 options you can choose Amita to lead The Golden Path or Sabal? Option is totally depend on you, but if you choose any one from both you get mission to kill other. Collect all Mohan Ghale’s journal to know story of Mohan Ghale. In end you’ve get option to kill Pagan Min, or leave him. If you kill him you’ll never find Lakshmana, his mothers dying wish, that’s you came to Kyrat. But if you don’t kill Pagan Min and spare him, then Pagan Min lead you to Lakshmana, and you can complete Ishwari Ghale’s (Ajay Ghale’s Mother) Dying wish. But Pagan Min fly away in his helicopter.

Min Specs for good run game: Quad Core CPU, 4GB of RAM, 1GB Graphic Card and 30GB free HDD Space. (If you have gaming mouse and computer then that’ll be good)
My Specs: Quad Core CPU, 8GB RAM, 4GB Graphic Card, 1TB HDD and Logitech G300S gaming mouse.
If you have any doubt regarding this game you can ask me, I am happy to help.

I’ll Rate this game 9.5 out of 10.

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