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Far Cry 4 Mouse not working

Hey Guys,
Far Cry 4 WP
I love Far Cry Series, Hope you all love too. When you play Far Cry 4 on PC, You’ll face many problems, like mouse not working, game not saving, graphics issue, mouse lag, texture issues, shadow issue etc. My Laptop Config is AMD A8 Quad Core, 8 GB DDR 3 RAM, 2.5GB Graphics, 1TB HDD. But still I face some of this issues. After searching on google, yahoo, Far cry official websites, and some blogs I solved this problem. Main problem is in Far Cry 4 Version, We installed an old version of Far Cry 4, so we need to change it. I installed Version 1.0.0 this version have many problem, then I upgraded my version to latest version 1.6.0, I got freed from all this problems. Not my game working smooth.

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