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Creepy suicide forest of Aokigahara

Creepy haunted forest of Aokigahara
Aokigahara is a forest located at the base of mount Fuji in Japan. The forest is very dense and it is also known as the suicide forest as hundreds of people have commited suicide in this forest and it is also thought to place of demons according to Japanese mythology.

The forest is dense and anyone without knowledge of the forest can get lost in the forest. People use tape to mark their path however after 1 km human presence is almost absent.

At the entrance of the forest there is one notice which says that suicidal visitors should rethink about their decision.

People in this forest kill themselves by hanging or drug overdose. It is also said that Ubasute was carried out in this forest in which elderly members of family were left to die in forest.

It is one of the most haunted places in Japan.

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