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Changing Language in GTA 5 PC Game From Russian To English

In this post we show you how to change language in Grand Theft Auto (GTA) 5 from Russian to English.
When you install GTA 5 its install by default with Russian language, and we all don’t know Russian language. You have searched everywhere and try to found solution of how to change language. But still didn’t able to change language of GTA 5 game.
Changing a GTA 5 game language is easy. You need to follow our this simple steps. First you need to click on start button in windows 7. There you have to search a file named “regedit”. You can see file showing in search results. Click on it and open the registry editor file. There you can see five folders.
Among the you need to select and open HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE folder. Now you can see many folder inside this folder. Now click on SOFTWARE folder and expand it. Scroll down and look for a folder named Wow6432Node and expand that folder. Now look for Rockstar Games Folder. When you see that folder open that folder. There you can find two folders click on first one named Grand Theft Auto V. Now in right side you can see five registry entries in side. Double Click on fourth one named Language. There you can change language to English just type there en-US and click OK.
Now close registry editor and open GTA 5 game. Russian language gone and now you see English.
Congratulation and Enjoy playing GTA 5 game.
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