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Banff Springs Hotel – Haunted Places

Banff Springs Hotel
The Banff Springs Hotel is located in Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada, It’s a built during 19th century by the Canadian Pacific Railway, and hotel being constructed as Scottish Baronial Style. The Hotel is a luxury stop for train travellers. On 1st June 1888, the hotel was opened for public. The Fairmont Banff Springs resort hotel is owned by OMERS. Presently the hotel operated by Fairmont Hotels and Resorts of Toronto. The hotel is situated at 1414 m altitude.
The Banff Springs Hotel is also reputed as most haunted place in the country. The main suggested story a woman dressed in her wedding gown lost her life on the staircase. When she was walking up from stairs, there are candles on the staircase, suddenly her dress caught fire, in panic she tripped and felt down from the stairs. The bride was died from a broken neck. Many People who visit the hotel, they reported seeing a ghost of woman in full wedding gown, often dancing in the ballroom of hotel.
One more story told by locals, in room number 873 the family that was murdered. The door of room no. 873 has since been bricked up, but the family that lost their life in the room are still seen to this days, often in the hallway outside the room.

Do you ever want to visit the Banff Springs Hotel? or if you have visited the hotel share your experience with us.

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