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5 Similarities Naruto and Dragon Ball Z

5 Similarities Naruto and Dragon Ball Z

We found some similarities in Naruto and dragon ball z. We can’t tell Naruto is copied from Dragon ball z. But this is five similarities in Naruto and dragon ball z. Check it out this five similarities. If you like our this post please share this to your friends, and for more interesting post like this like our Facebook page.

No. 5. Gaara and The Mighty Frieza.
Gaara and Frieza they both are coldest personalities villains. Gaara and frieza has almost same eyes. They’re same brutal. And Even they have same finishing move, Gaara’s finishing move called “exploding sand funeral”. Its hardened sand crushing his opponent’s body. Frieza’s move is exact opposite, exploding his victim from the inside.

No. 4. Master Kakashi and Master Roshi.
You see roshi and kakashi have some common habits. Both of them being world class Pervs, and they love to read. They always come up with odd training exercise. These teo nuts make up half of the gags in their respective series.

No. 3. Sakura and Bulma.
Both girls are bright and beautiful, but sometime both are annoying. They love badass characters vegeta and sasuke, who are evil in beginning and in later turn into good guys.

No. 2 Sasuke and Vegeta.
Sasuke is so much like vegeta. Vegeta and sasuke both are not funny. We’ll see the similarities, from their raven black hair all the way down to their cocky and proud attitude. Vegeta wants to revenge against frieza for killing his father, and sasuke wants to kill his brother whom murdered of his both parents. We can’t forget this one when goku and vegeta first fight, the latter clearly appears to be the superior yet Kakarot triumphs. But the series goes on Goku surpasses his saiyan comrade. In the same way Naruto overcomes obstacles not even or dear Sasuke can break down. Both wonders how low class fighters could dare to compete.

No. 1. Naruto and Goku.
We’ll see the similarities till the end in both characters. They both started their adventure at the age of 12. You’ll also find that both Naruto and Goku are not so bright, childish, compassionate, never give up, love to eat, have incredible potential through they sometimes act like amateurs, and have bitter rivals that later become friends. They Wear orange clothes, and we can see their powers, they used red rage.

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