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5 Similarities in all Animes

5 Similarities in all Animes

Hey guys I love anime and I know you all love too. I’m not sure you guys ever notice or not, but almost all anime has some similarities. Here is list of my 5 common similarities in all anime series.

No. 5. They have Weird hairs, cloths, weapons.
Almost all anime has one weird thing like Hairs, weird cloths, weird weapons etc. If you check out clearly you’ll notice one of these similarities in almost all anime series.

No. 4. It’s never matter how much they strong, their enemy is stronger than them.
No matter our heroes how much train and prepare them self for fight but you notice that their opponent is always stronger than them.

No. 3. They do weird things even in a serious situation.
When our heroes in serious trouble, they do weird stuffs or things, even in serious condition, they’re able to make joke. You can notice this similarity in major of the anime series. And I like it very much.

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