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5 common things in hollywood and bollywood movies

5 things American Movies Teach Us:
1. Chinese have nothing better to do than teaching or practice Kung Fu.

2. More than 50% of U.S. population are FBI/CIA agents, working undercover.

3. The purpose of school system of U.S. is to promote Basketball/Baseball.

4. Aliens have special interest in attacking the U.S.

5. U.S. is a place where you can meet all mythical creatures like werewolves & vampires.

5 things Indian Movies teach us:
1. At least one of the identical twins is born evil.

2. While defusing a bomb, don’t worry, whichever wire you cut… you always choose the right one”.

3. A hero will show no pain while getting beaten up; but will show pain when a girl cleans up his wounds.

4. A detective can solve a case only when he is suspended from duty.
The most hilarious one…

5. If you decide to start dancing on the street, everyone you meet will know the steps.

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