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10 Weird Facts About Humans

Hello friends, we have seen many weird thing in the world. But do you know 10 weird facts about humans? If you don’t know then this is right place to check it out our this awesome list of 10 Weirdest facts about humans.

10. In 68 years a person “hiccuped” at-least for once.

09. Sometimes a hot drink cool you down faster than a cold drink.

08. In the world most people think they are good

07. A sneeze travels around 100 mi (161 km) an hour

08. In the world 99% of people can’t lick their elbows.
(From 90% of people who have read this will try!)

07. Around 93% people don’t find “Duck Face” expression is so attractive.

06. In the world almost half of the people love their mom, more than they love their father, sister, brother, boy friend, girl friend, husband, wife or God.

05. You don’t believe this one, a single sperm cell contains around 37.5 MB of DNA(data) information, that means an ejaculation yields about 15,875 GB of data the equivalent of 62 Mac Book pros. So guys remember this next time.

04. Around 1 out of 4 kids have masturbated in school.

03. Every 3 out of 4 of your friends from the other gender fantasize about having sex with you.

02. This will make you laugh, If police know everything then almost half of the people would be in jail now, even some police officers too.

01. In our world most people prefer the death of 5000 other people to stay alive.

Hope you like our this list.

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