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10 People in The World with Superhuman Powers 2

Gino Martino
5. Gino Martino: “The Human Anvil” – Gino Martino is an American wrestler and entertainer. He make wows from audiences with his superhuman ability of smashing through things with his skull. He also broken steel bars and baseball bats over his head. He broken many things with his head. From Gino’s extraordinary ability he got nickname “The Human Anvil”.

Natasha Demkina
4. Natasha Demkina “X-Ray Vision” – Natasha Demkina is native of Russia. She named as ” Thee Girl with X-ray Eyes”. She claims that she have extraordinary power to see through peoples skin. When she was ten she discovered her unique ability to see people’s organs and tissues. The Discovery Channel make a documentary on Natasha named “The Girl With X-ray Eyes.”

Mas Oyama
3. Masutatsu Oyama “Can kill a bull with one blow” – Masutatsu Oyama (1923 – 1994) was a martial arts master. He was undefeated champion. You are wondering what makes him so special, he was famous for combating with 100 men and beating them all in 2 min. He is also famous for fighting bulls with bare hands. From the reports he fought around 52 bulls and from them he killed three bulls with just single blow.

Ben Underwood
2. Ben Underwood: Sees through sound – Ben Underwood was born in 1992. Due to retinal cancer Ben lost his both eyes when he was 3. At the age of 5, he trained himself and got the ability to see through sound. This remarkable skill used to detect surrounding objects by hearing the sounds projected from them, like bats and dolphins. Ben grew up and he was able to skateboard, play football and many things, basically anything that a normal youth can do. He was passed away in 2009 at the age of 16.

Isao Machii
1. Isao Machii “Super Samurai” – Isao Machii a samurai from Japan. He able to cut a pallet fired from a BB gun. Pallets speed around 200 miles per hour. A normal human would only begin registering the sound of pallet, but Isao instantaneously anticipates where it will be at an extraordinary speed like he visually sensing the pallet. He begin reacting whe he the pellet is fired.

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