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10 Most Haunted places in the world

10 Haunted places in the world

Top 10 Scariest places in the world. We’ve created this list of most haunted places in the world. Hope you all like this.

10. Berry Pomeroy Castle, Totnes
Berry Pomeroy Castle
Berry Pomeroy Castle has 2 famous female ghosts. The White Lady and the Blue Lady. According to legend the White Lady is the spirit of Margaret Pomeroy, who starved while imprisoned in the dungeons by her jealous sister. Apparently she haunts the dark dungeons, and rises from St Margaret’s Tower to the castle walls. The Blue Lady is not confined to specific areas and is supposed to lure people into parts of the ruin. It’s a very bad idea to follow her!

9. Dominican Hill, Baguio City, Philippines
According to some local people the ghosts of people who died during the war haunt this place. Some say the patients who died here despite having the hope to be alive turned into ghosts. Hearing the banging of doors, windows, clattering of dishes and screaming voices during night are reported by people.

8. Monte Cristo, New South Wales, Australia
Monte Cristo is the Australia’s most haunted mansion. Monte Cristo is located in Junee, New South Wales. Mrs Crawley, the owner of the house never came out of her home after the death of her husband. After her death her ghost haunts the place particularly her former room.

7. Ancient Ram Inn, Gloucestershire, England

Ancient Ram Inn
A trip to the Ancient Ram Inn is an unsettling experience. Its creaky floorboards, cold bare walls, musty smells and dimly lit nooks and crannies epitomize everything a haunted house should be. It’s built on a pagan burial ground.

6. Edinburgh Castle, Edinburgh, Scotland
Edinburgh Castle
Inside the empty halls and narrow streets of Edinburgh, there are the echoes of the dead. That’s what has been reported. Hotspots for specters include the castle prison cells, the South Bridge vaults and Mary’s King Close.

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