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10 Interesting facts about girls

10. Girls always want dessert. Even though they may tell you that they are on a diet or watching their diet, they secretly want dessert. So, in the end, if you are unsure, order that thousand calorie cake and split it. She will be happy, trust me.

9. You may be great, but your girl will still think about her ex-boyfriends from time to time. More than likely, your girl is stalking her ex’s via social media and imagining what their lives would be like if they were with them rather than you.

8. Don’t think your sex details are safe secrets from your girlfriend’s friends. More than likely, your girl discusses every detail (good and bad) with her entire group of friends. Comparing notes is important!

7. Girls will pretend that they need help in order to get you to do things for them. Not only does this make you feel better about yourself, but you are doing something that they do not want to do themselves.

6. Girls like sex to be a bit rough. Secretly they are looking for you to take charge and show a bit of aggression. They may never admit it, but they love to relinquish the control to you.

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