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10 Human Body Facts Made You Amaze

Many People say they know everything about themselves. Are you serious? How much you know about your own body? Here we made a list of 10 Human Body facts that may surprise you.

1. Unique Tongue Print – Yes this is true, similar to our fingerprints, every human has a unique tongue print. So Don’t stick out your tongue, if you want to hide your identity.

2. Do you know that you are taller in the morning than in the evening – When you’re sleeping you’re approximately one half inch taller than evening. When you’re sleeping excess fluid within our spinal discs replenish. During the day time your body has to deal with the stress of standing, so the discs become compressed and the fluid between your spinal seeps out. This is the result you lose a small amount of height in evening.

3. Shedding Problem – You know not only just your pet has shedding problem but humans are also shed. Humans body she arount 600,000 particles of skin every hour, the particles are small in size you can’t able to see them. Each human sheds around 1.5 pounds each year.

4. Human Body produces enough heat in thirty minutes to boil a half gallon of water. – By the study on the laws of thermodynamics human body is the epitome. Every human produces heat from all things that we do like exercise, metabolizing food, maintaining homeostasis and as you sweat, exhale, excrete, and urinate.

5. Bone Count – When we born we have approximately 350 bones, but when we reach our adult hood we have 206 bones, that’s happen because our bones fuse together and become one during our growth.

6. Human Brain stops growing after the age of eighteen – After the age of eighteen forward brain begins to loss around 1,000 brain cells every day. Only 2% of our body weight is occupied by our gray matter, but is uses up to 20% of our energy output. Our brain works 24 x 7 and never rests, even when you’re sleeping your brain is working.

7. Human Nose – Human nose is able to remember scent. Our nose is not sensitive as a dog’s. But our nose remember around 50,000 different scents.

8. Human skin is an Organ Just like the liver, heart and kidneys our skin is an organ. An average man has enough skin to cover twenty sqaure feet area approximately. twelve percent of your total body weight is from your skin.

9. Our Need for Sleep – If you say you die without a sleep, yes that’s true. You can leave without eating for weeks, but if you not sleep until eleven days, you’ll die when you sleep on eleventh day.

10. Our Bone is as strong as granite – If I tell you a matchbox sized chunk of bone can support 18,000 pounds, would you believe it? Compared to concrete, our bones are four times greater in support strength.

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