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10 Funny and Strange Marriage Proposals

10 Funny and Strange Marriage Proposals
Proposing someone for Marriage is good Idea, but some people try funny ways to propose and they get failed. Here is some top 10 funny and strange marriage proposal, some got failed, but some got lucky. Hope you try best one for your marriage proposal.

10. Proposal Back Tattoo

No 10
Caroline Summers will you marry me? And she said No. Now I don’t know what he is going to do with this tattoo.

9. Don’t Try this one

No 9
Ohh man It’s hurt a lot. In my suggestion definitely don’t try this one.

8. Snow Proposal

No 8
Will you marry me? I don’t know the answer but this is funny.

7. Merry Me?

No 7
Will you merry me? Or is it Marry me? Maybe he got rejected because his spelling mistake. LOL

6. Church’s Chicken

No 6
Shineka will you marry me? Wow!! maybe he thought she likes chicken burger so she won’t reject him.

5. Hockey Proposal

No 5
Lol she said NO! She makes good joke in public.

4. It’s Mistake or Joke

No 4

3. Marriage Proposal Tattoo

No 3
Will you marry me? and the answer is What do you mean No?

2. Pizza Proposal

No 2
Pizza will never leave him.

1. Chick – en – gagement

No 1
She said yes maybe because he bought ring worth $ 4500.

Good luck to you all. Plan your Marriage proposal carefully. Hope you got success.

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