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10 Best Resolution for 2016 You Need to Follow

2015 is come to end and 2016 is about to come, here is a chance to fresh start and clean slate. New year brings to us new energy, so lets make some resolution for 2016. I know people maybe don’t follow these the whole year, or follow for someday later forgot. But if you’ve strong will to do it than a strong and moral resolution gives you the power to accomplish and triumph in your everyday life.We have made this list from some best resolution, hope you’ll found best resolution which is suitable to you. You can also tell us what’s your resolution by commenting here.
1. Exercise daily and maintain your health – Health is important for us. Maintain your health and do regular exercise which suits your body. Because you won’t able to enjoy your life and anything else with bad health. You all know the best sentence “Heath is Wealth”, and spending for your health is not bad idea. Make health must be top priority. Take plenty of sleep, do regular yoga and meditation. Yoga and meditation is brings you a positive approach to your life.
2. Learn Something New – Start to learn something new, you can start with your hobby. Having an extra skill is not a bad idea, its make you more confident and inspire you to grow intellectually. Learn anything like cooking, playing music instruments, drawing etc.
3. Spend more time with Family and Friends – In today’s life we work with too much stress and workload. To get out from over stress and workload, you need to start spending more time with your Family and Friends. Spending time with them and take them wander around with you is a good idea. It’s because memories with Friends and Family are the beautiful remembrances for a person like me and you. Sometimes memories are helpful when you’re alone and in more stress.
4. Budget and Savings – Making budget for anything is good idea, and start saving as much as you can. Making a good investment deal is not a bad idea. Note down monthly expenses so you can know and it helps you to make a plan for future. Cut down the unnecessary expenses. Keep safe your savings, so it’ll help you in future.
5. Try to be Happy – Be happy and keep smiling,try to bring smile on other people faces. You can also maintain a log of daily inspiration, so when you feel something bad or more stress you can see this log and feel happy. You can write your happy moment that happens in your life or around you in that log.
6. No social media day – Get off from all social media once in a week. This doesn’t mean you’re out of grid and unreachable. You can use your old phone for that one day, which has the only one function to make a call. In that day you can use as your personal day and I know you love it.

7. Get Organized – Getting Orgenized is one of the most important thing for you. You can keep your surroundings clean. You can start with your room. This was you can get all the benefit of the society and reduce the waste feel great in our self you have done a good dead.
8. Acts of Love – This year show your love and affection to people, who are important in your life. You can write a letter to old friends, they appreciate it. Send some flowers to your friend or family member who deserve it. Write a note of appreciation to your team member. Arrange a trip with your family member. Make everybody happy around you.
9. Quit smoking and Drinking – You know smoking and drinking is not good for your health even for your family members. You can start stopping your smoking and drinking habits.

10. Lose some weight – Every year you promised yourself to lose weight, but you can’t able to do it. So this is the year you have to make it happen. You can start controlling you eating habits and start eating healthy food.

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